• These conditions apply to the carriage by City Delivery. This shipment is accepted by City Delivery for the carriage on behalf of "THE SHIPPER" subject to the terms & conditions here in after set out. WC reserves the right to carry "THE SHIPPER" goods by any route and procedure by using single or multi modal transport mode.
  • WEIGHT: WC reserves the right to re-weigh all parcels or take theVolumetric weight either Dimensional or Cubic Weight and can charge at the highest of the total re-weigh or total Volumetric weight per shipment.
  • FUEL SURCHARGE: All shipping's traveling through WC will be subject to an additionalfuel surcharge based on our variable fuel surcharge table.
  • RURAL DESTINATION : Should City Delivery deem the point a Remote location, an additional charge will apply.
  • Surcharges: Wind courier reserves the right to assess fuel and other charges on shipment without notice.
  • SPECIAL HANDLING CHARGE AT OVERSIZE AND WITHOUT PACKED SHIPMENTS: Parcels measuring more than specified sizes or any container without proper packing in shipping containers shall be charged extra as per our company decides. Any item which requires re-packing shall also be extra charge.
  • DANGEROUS/PROHIBITED GOODS: Our Clients may carefully note that their envelopes / packets must not contain anyletter or communication which will infringe the Indian Post Office Act, 1893, Cheques, Drafts, Files, Stationery, Documents, Negotiable instruments, Banking Papers, L.C.'s and such other documents are not barred from begin sent through Courier Service. We accept envelopes/parcels in good faith they do not contain any thing which infringe the law. We do not carry cash, jewellery, precious metals, contraband etc. We do not carry goods of hazardous nature which are expressly prohibited.
  • GUARANTEES: WC does not accept shipments that carry a specific time and date of expected delivery. Any specific guarantee is limited to the cost of the delivery, subject to weather and traffic conditions.
  • SPECIFIED DELIVERY: WC will not accept tenders, bids or other shipments with a specific delivery date and /or time guarantee. All such documents must be informed in the WC office by calling at 0120-4987000 and identified as such document with due time. The delivery must be placed on a "Direct delivery" and we have the right to refuse the shipment if a sufficient time is not given or available.
  • FRAGILE AND PERISHABLE SHIPMENTS: No claim against fragile and perishable shipments will be entertained unless the description on the waybill clearly indicates "FRAGILE" or "PERISHABLE". Thisservice is subject to an additional fee of 50% of the standard shipping rate. Shipments containing: glass,liquids, ceramic, items requiring temperature control, privately packaged item, or items prohibited unknowingly by WC will travel at the shipper's risk on a no-value basis and as such are not liable for damage claims against WC .
  • DAMAGE: Any damage must be mentioned on the Bill of Lading at the time of the delivery otherwise the receiver's signature will be the proof of goods having been received in apparent good ordera nd condition.
    a.) Contact WC within 48 hours and request for an inspection immediately.
    b.) You must submit a letter of intent to claim for damage within thirty 15 days from the time in which the goods were delivered.
    c.) In the event of concealed damage, you must notify WC in writing within 48 hours from the time in which the goods were delivered.
    d.) No deviation from the above terms and obligations as stated will be binding upon or affect WC unless specifically confirmed in writing to the proprietor of WC.
    a) WC shall not be liable for any loss incurred due to the causes beyond its control such as floods, accidents, fire war etc.WC shall not be liable in any event for any consequential or special damage of other direct or indirect loss however arising. our liability in case of any loss or damage shall not exceed of Rs.1000/-.
    b.) WC shall not be liable in excess of declared value or Rs.1000/- whichever is less for any and all damages, whatsoever arising from the delay or failure in delivery of any shipment or for any other reason.
    c.) WC shall not transport any documents or goods declared to have a value in excess of Rs.20000/-. If no value is declared on the Bill of landing, or if a shipment has a declared value in excess of Rs. 1000/- and no prior special agreement in writing has been obtained, there will be deemed to be an agreement that the value of goods shipped is Rs. 100/- Per kg and the carrier shall not be liable for any damages in excess thereof. Under no circumstances will the carrier be liable for any incidental or consequential damages.
  • SHIPMENT INSURANCE : If a declared value is excess of Rs.100/- Per kg at the time of shipment, an additional charge of Rs 5/- Per Rs. 100/- of declared value shall be levied. No shipment to be valued over Rs. 20000/- without written authorization from the proprietor of WC .
  • JURISDICTION OF COURTS : All disputes and claims shall be subject to the exclusive and irrevocable jurisdiction of courts at Gautam budh Nagar, U.P
  • DUTIES & TAXES : All taxes such as Octroi and other statutory payments levied on the shipments are to be borne by the consignee and in his absence the same will be borne by "THE SHIPPER". WC shall not extend any credit for Octroi/statutory charges. WC reserve the right of lien of any shipment till all its due are paid in full in respect of freight, courier charges, custom, ocroi, VAT and any other charges.
  • LOST PACKAGES: In case of lost packages,
    a.) Contact WC and request a trace for any missing parcel. Be prepared to give all necessary information to the Dispatcher, including: Tracking no., Description of product with I.D #, Serial #, Model #, Dimensions, Color, Value and number of cartons being traced.
    b.)A letter of intent to claim must be submitted within thirty 15 days, from the date of shipment, along with supporting documentation.
    c.)Our personnel are not authorized to accept goods that are poorly or inadequately packaged.The Receiver's signature on a delivery way bill or log book releases WC of all liability for a shipment. Any damage or discrepancies must be noted on the way bill at the time of delivery.
  • INSPECTION OF SHIPMENTS: Indian competent authorities can inspect the parcels at any time. WC shall not incur any kind of liability.
  • PAYMENT : proof of delivery is the evidence of delivery of shipment. It can be provided by the company to customer within 15 days of booking of the shipment. WC shall charge 18% per annum on all overdue invoices of more than 30 days from the date of invoice.
  • BILL OF LANDING/WAYBILL : The customers ensure that the way bill has been completed by customer or by the WC messenger/driver on behalf of the customer. The customer acknowledges that the bill of landing/waybill is signed by a person authorized to sign it on behalf of the customer and the customer shall be bound by the signature of such person on the waybill.
  • DELIVERY: If the receiver does not take delivery of the shipment and it remains undelivered due to any reason such as wrong or incomplete address or refusal by recipient to pay any applicable duties/taxes/charges or containing or if the packaging of a shipment is damaged to the extent that the re-packing is not possible resulting in a non-delivery or the parcel is found as likely to damage other goods or cause injury to any person/place or thing. In this case both shipper and receiver are likely to pay damage and freight charges to WC .


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