Q. Do you provide cash on delivery Service?

Ans. Yes we provide COD service for any customers.

Q. What is the proof of delivery (POD)?


If you have an online account with us then you can view our order under 'order tracking'. Generally, the signature and name of the receiver shall be shown online. We provide printed bill also to sender and receiver and one copy is kept with us for record. You can call us for any inquiry related to POD.

Q. What, if the permit is required for NCR?

Ans. We will be required proper documentation for pick & drop as per state and central govt. rules and regulation.

Q. What if an urgent delivery is required?


We have a direct delivery option. We can send our messenger as per your instruction and he/she can wait there for the parcel and wait charge shall be applicable.

Q. How late can I call for a same day delivery?


For same day delivery our call in cut off times are as follows:
Direct 7:00pm
Hot Services 5:00pm
Rush Service 5:00pm
Regular Service 2.00pm

Q. How can I open a direct billing account, and how much time does it take?


You can set up an account by clicking on the 'Direct billing apply now' tab, it generally takes 1-3 days to set an account up, We accept all types of payment including direct deposit for payment of account.

Q. How do you quote for heavy shipments?


Bulky shipments are rated at approx. 7kg per cubic foot. To calculate the weight of a bulky shipment multiple the Width x Height x Length in inches and then divide by 115. This will give you the weight.

Q. What if the driver arrives for the pickup and the shipment is not yet ready?


Our messenger waits for 5 minutes for the pickup. If it is taking time our messenger will contact customer for further instructions. Our messenger can come back again when the parcel is ready and there will be a nominal charge for a no pick up which is half of shipment charges. If the customer requests the driver to wait then there is a charge depending upon the parcel to be pickup.

Q. What are the payment modes?


Yes, We accept Visa, Master Card. American Express, cash or company cheque.

Q. What are your hours for WIND timings?


Our office hours are 10.00 am to 7:00pm Monday to Saturday, but we have drivers on call 24/7 days a week. All orders must be pre-booked within regular business hours. When placing a call please provide us with the hours of operation of the shipper and receiver.

Q. What happens if the wrong address is given by the sender?


If the address is wrong then we will contact the customer for re- instruction for the delivery. If no address is provided then the shipment will be returned to the customer.

Q. Is there any procedure to place online order after your office hours?


Yes you can place order but actually hours of service are based on our office hours so if you place an order after 7 pm then start time of the pickup/drop shall be considered at 10 am the next day.

Q. What if Dangerous Goods shipment?


We have trained messenger for the transportation of Dangerous Goods as required by Indian transport. We do not take any surcharge for dangerous goods delivery. But we require proper documentation and warning instructions from the customer.

How online account is set up can I still call in your office for order when I am not at my computer?


Yes you can call in our office and You can also view and track all your orders in your account at our website, whether they are placed online or called in our office for pickup and drop.

Q. If the parcel receiver is closed or not available for some reason?


For some reason if a receiver is not available when our messenger attempts to deliver we can take authorization to leave the parcel as per sender instructions. In case of document. It can be either slot in under the door or can be drop in drop box. If we do not get instruction from the sender then we can hold the delivery for a 2nd attempt or take it back to sender.


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We are centrally located in NOIDA. We run same day and overnight courier services. Recently we are catering Delhi NCR region.